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We'll help you understand, and take control so that you can secure the best possible outcome following your brain tumour diagnosis.

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How you can help

Our aim is to help everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour access the help they need to get back on top of things. Get to know us, and find out about our unique brain tumour support.

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An easy to use database of brain tumour support services, and brain tumour clinical trials. Find out what is available to you, on your doorstep and beyond.
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Brain tumour patients and carers in and around Sheffield first to benefit from new directory

We know how lost you can feel when you or your loved one is diagnosed with a brain tumour. But we also know how many invaluable support services you can find locally to help you at every step of your brain tumour journey.


At brainstrust, we like to make access to support as easy as possible. Wouldn’t it be great if information on the best local services was available in one place? In a directory maybe?!


Well, in Sheffield we've done just that and we're excited to launch our first regional edition of the little white book, covering the city and the surrounding area.


It's an invaluable little guide that brings together information on useful local services that can help if you're affected by a brain tumour. It includes details on a range of services, including support groups, financial help, welfare advice and...

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Cancer Drugs Fund and the Cancer Task Force: What do these mean if you have a brain tumour?

Two news items doing the rounds this week. One is the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF); the other is the Cancer Task Force. Both are responding to an agenda which desperately needs clarification, a dose of common sense and a little less ego.


What do these changes mean for you, our brain cancer community?

Both are about securing the best outcomes for people with cancer. We all want this. The new Cancer Task Force is tasked with finding new ways of improving cancer services, identifying what needs to be done better in future by studying the kind of care patients get today. By this summer it will publish a five-year plan that aims to deliver:


  • Better prevention of cancer
  • Swifter cancer diagnosis
  • Better treatment, care and aftercare for all cancer patients.


Also announced at the same time as the Task Force, is the “ACE Programme”, which Cancer Research UK is leading jointly with NHS England and Macmillan. This programme has identified more than 60 potential projects to address late diagnosis. These will be led locally by NHS teams and...

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A milestone in brain tumour research: the UK’s first national networked brain tumour tissue bank.

A new collaboration announced today gives unprecedented access to over 400,000 brain tumour tissue samples for research.


This initiative, called the Brain Tumour Archive Network, will unlock thousands of previously hard to access brain tumour samples for researchers throughout the UK.

brain tumour tissue bank, slide showing cancerous cells
Helping the clinical community to access more brain tumours for more research

Creation of the network is being led by brainstrust and supported by a wider group of brain tumour charities including Charlie’s Challenge, Brain Tumour Research and umbrella group Sophie’s Wish. BRAIN UK, operating at the University of Southampton, will link existing archives of brain tumour tissue in a virtual network so that researchers can gain access to unprecedented levels of tissue to support their much needed research into better...

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