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    Visit our Wear Grey for a Day 2016 page

    Thank you for your interest in supporting Wear Grey for a Day. Please visit our 2016 webpage to get involved for this year.

    Wear Grey for a Day 2015 Update

    Well, Wear Grey 2015 was a roaring success. 

    Throughout the day we saw the world turn grey for brain tumours.

    Grey was worn in homes, in schools and in workplaces. People got involved in the UK and overseas. And stories and reasons for wearing grey were shared and those no longer with us were remembered. It really was incredible.  

    Thanks so much to all of you who put on your grey and made a stand for brain tumours.

    Together, we made the world notice.

    You can still make a difference

    Wear Grey might be over for another year, but there’s still chance now for you to help us support more people living with and beyond a devastating brain tumour diagnosis. There are a few simple ways you can make a vital donation:

    • Donate via our Wear Grey for a Day Justgiving page 
    • Make a donation via online bank transfer-
      Make a payment using your bank's Internet Banking service direct to our charity bank account: Send your amount to brainstrust, sort code 08-92-99, and account number 65204003.
    • Send a cheque to HQ
      Simply post your cheque to: brainstrust, 4 Yvery Court,
      Castle Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 7QG
    • And remember to Gift Aid your donation 
      Filling out this one simple form can add 25% to your donation!

    All that's now left to say is bring on Wear Grey 2016


    Wear Grey for a Day is an effective way of building our community, and a simple opportunity to raise funds so that those who face the challenges of a brain tumour everyday can get the support that they need.

    We Wear Grey each year so that we can continue supporting people like Shaun, who actually kicked off Wear Grey in the UK a few years ago.

    In 2007 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, with an original prognosis of about 5 or 6 years. I met brainstrust not that long after. I don't have a problem with having a brain tumour. What I do have a problem with is all the side effects that come with it. I started wear grey in the UK to raise awareness about these effects, and since then, with brainstrust now involved, it has gone from strength to strength. But the aim remains the same- to raise more awareness of brain tumours, the number of people affected and how life changing they are both for the patient and their carers

    -Shaun Skinner

    Sign up for Wear Grey 2016 today and help make the world understand what it is like for a person who has a brain tumour. 


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