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Fundraising ideas


"The charity fund raising night that I arranged was spectacular and the prizes donated by friends and local business played a huge part in its success. I would gladly promote its benefits to future braintrusters" 


-Matthew Lee, organiser of a Charity Fundraising Ball 



At work

Why not use fundraising for brainstrust as an excuse to bring some fun into your work place! Below are some ideas to get you on your way.

Fancy dress at work
Choose a time of year (Easter bonnets, Halloween) or a theme (soaps, literary characters). Run a competition for the fanciest dress and charge a small entry, which you could pass on to brainstrust.

Beat your boss!
Why not challenge your boss to a run for charity? Or a round of golf? How about a game of cards at lunchtime? Ask for sponsorship for your chosen activity, and you could even hold a sweepstake, with the proceeds to brainstrust.

Make the tea
Why not get the teas in for the day? Ask your colleagues for a donation of a £1 or 2 and in return, they can get on with their work and have their tea brought to their desks. The best bit? You get to have a natter in the kitchen!

Nominate brainstrust
Most workplaces have a nominated charity, so lastly a plea to all employees – please ask your employer to nominate brainstrust as your charity of the year. We can happily come and meet with your employer to discuss the benefits.

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