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A trial looking at a drug called ch14.18/CHO for neuroblastoma in children and young people (GD2)

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This interventional trial is looking at different ways of giving a drug called ch14.18/CHO as treatment for neuroblastoma. 

Neuroblastoma develops in specialised nerve cells. Doctors can use different treatments for neuroblastoma including surgery, chemo and radiotherapy and stem cell transplant. 

Even if neuroblastoma has responded well to treatment, it still tends to come back later, and is difficult to treat successfully. Doctors are looking for new ways to treat neuroblastoma and stop it coming back.

In this trial, they are looking at a drug called ch14.18/CHO, which is a type of biological therapy called a monoclonal antibody. These can seek out cancer cells by looking for particular proteins on the cancer cells.

We know from other trials that this antibody can help people with neuroblastoma, but without a strong pain killer, it causes severe pain. Children and young people having this treatment have had to stay in hospital and be given strong painkillers. But we also know from research that giving each dose of ch14.18/CHO more slowly, over a longer period of time, reduces the pain it causes.

In this trial, researchers are looking at different ways of giving the drug over a number of days, to see if this means people could have the treatment more comfortably and not need to be in hospital all the time having strong painkillers. 

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Open/Closed: Open

Trial ends: February 2016


University of Birmingham

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