Brain tumour clinical trial title

Intraoperative Raman Spectroscopy for Immediate Human Brain Tumour Diagnosis and Detection of Tumour Margin

Brain tumour type

Anaplastic astrocytoma,  Anaplastic glioma,  Anaplastic oligodendroglioma,  Astrocytoma,  Glioblastoma,  Glioma, 



Cancers are often impossible to visually distinguish from normal tissue. This is critical for brain cancer where residual invasive cancer cells frequently remain after surgery, leading to disease recurrence and a negative impact on overall survival. No technology exists to identify all cancer cells that have invaded normal brain.To address this problem, we developed spectroscopy probe technique for detection of cancer cells in the brain. Using this probe intraoperatively, we were able to accurately differentiate normal brain from dense cancer and normal brain invaded by cancer cells. This intraoperative technology may therefore be able to classify cell populations in real time, making it an ideal guide for surgical resection and decision-making.

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Open/Closed: Open

Trial ends: 31 December 2015


Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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Dr Babar Vaqas :
1 East
Charing Cross Hospital Fulham Palace Road
W6 8RF
Telephone: 020 3311 1234

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