Brain tumour clinical trial title

18F- Fluoromethylcholine (18F-FMC) PET/CT and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) Imaging and tissue biomarkers of cell membrane turnover in primary brain gliomas

Brain tumour type

Anaplastic astrocytoma,  Anaplastic glioma,  Anaplastic oligodendroglioma,  Astrocytoma,  Glioblastoma,  Glioma,  Ependymoma,  oligoastrocytoma, 



Gliomas are types of brain tumour, which are relatively uncommon compared with other cancers, but are the commonest cause of cancer death in women under 35 and men under 45. Two current limitations in making clinical decisions in patients with gliomas and evaluation of new treatments are: 1. Detection of the aggressive parts of the tumours, as not all of the tumour may be active. 2. Reliable evaluation of response to treatment using imaging. These limitations are due to limitations of standard MRI which is currently used for looking at gliomas in assessing tumour activity. 'Advanced' MRI and positron emission tomography PET imaging have shown promise in answering these questions in gliomas. The relationship between the imaging results ('imaging biomarkers') and genetic and biochemical features in tumour tissue which reveal a glioma's behaviour ('tissue biomarkers') is not well understood. The proposed research aims to assess MRI and PET CT imaging biomarkers against known tumour tissue biomarkers, so that non-invasive imaging may be used to help clinical decisions and assessment of new glioma treatments in future.

Date added: 30th August 2015

Open/Closed: Open

Trial ends: 9/4/2015


Imperial College London

Contact details

Dr Matthew Grech-Sollars :
Division of Brain Sciences Charing Cross Hospital
Fulham Palace Road
W6 8RF

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