Brain tumour clinical trial title

CamBMT1 - Cambridge Brain Mets Trial 1 (Study ID: 17591)

Brain tumour type

Brain metastases, 



In the past it has been found that many anti-cancer drugs are unable to cross over from the bloodstream into brain tumours because of a system called the blood brain barrier, which can stop drugs getting through. In addition to the standard operation for their brain cancer, participants in the CamBMT1 trial will receive 11 days of an anti-cancer drug called afatinib whilst they are waiting for their operation. We will directly test in the lab how much drug has got into brain tumours from different patients, after the tumours have been removed at surgery. Before their operation, some patients will also receive a single low-dose of radiotherapy focused on the brain cancer. The study has been designed to test how much afatinib actually gets past the blood brain barrier into the brain cancer, and also whether the single low-dose of radiotherapy might open up the barrier and allow increased drug delivery into the cancer. If this proves true, it might provide an effective, safe and important strategy to improve treatment for patients with cancer that has spread to the brain.

Date added: 30th August 2015

Open/Closed: Open

Trial ends: 31 December 2018


Addenbrooke's Hospital

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Ms Nicola Ramenatte :
Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre Box 279
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Telephone: 01223 216083

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