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MR characterisation of invasive phenotypes in GBMs (Study ID: 8596)

Brain tumour type

Glioma,  Glioblastoma,  Astrocytoma,  Anaplastic oligodendroglioma,  Anaplastic glioma,  Anaplastic astrocytoma, 



High grade gliomas are aggressive tumours that are usually rapidly fatal despite intensive treatment. If we could identify patients with limited spread, they might be suitable for aggressive local therapy. New imaging techniques allow non-invasive study of tumour pathology. Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) identifies occult tumour invasion with a sensitivity of 98% and specificity of 81%, and can predict patterns of recurrence. Further information can be obtained on angiogenesis (Dynamic contrast enhanced MR – DCE) and metabolism MR spectroscopy (MRS). Specific aims of the research: 1. Use MRI markers to predict invasive behaviour of gliomas to differentiate limited invasion from diffuse invasion. 2. To correlate MRI markers with biological features of invasiveness: Outline plan of research: 1. Identification of Invasive Phenotypes using MRI: multimodal MRI will be performed on 145 pre-operative patients with high grade gliomas. Measures of DTI, DCE and MRS will be correlated with patterns of recurrence on follow up imaging. 2. MALTING Trial multimodal MRI will be performed on 95 patients undergoing glioblastoma resection. All patients will be treated with 5ALA-guided resection and Gliadel with post-operative. Primary outcome is the percentage of patients alive at 2 years. Outcome will be compared to predictions from published normograms 3. Imaging correlation with biological markers of invasiveness: this will correlate the imaging-based markers of invasiveness in 50 patients with: a.Concentration of extracellular growth factors and cytokines (esp. metalloproteinases and their inhibitors) measured by microdialysis; b.Cellular measures of invasion from expression of MT1-MMP and in vitro measures of invasion.

Date added: 11th January 2019

Open/Closed: Open

Trial ends: December 2018


Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

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Mr Stephen Price : Senior Research Associate
Hills Road


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