Brain tumour clinical trial title

Investigating Zika Targeting of Glioma Stem Cells (Study ID: 38227)

Brain tumour type




We seek permission to analyse surplus specimens resected at craniotomy. We will first separate the tumour into single cells before infecting these specimens with Zika virus tagged with a marker so we can see which cells are infected by it. Following this we will use techniques to characterise the target cell for the virus. We also plan to infect tumour slices for staining. No additional tissue will be removed from the patient and only tissue surplus to the needs for pathological analysis will be used. Fragments of tissue will include: a) Normal brain tissue resected by necessity in the course of the approach to the lesion b) Lesion margins c) Lesion bulk These tissue types may be obtained directly from the surgical field, or indirectly by collecting the waste products from the ultrasonic tissue ablation apparatus used at operation.

Date added: 11th January 2019

Open/Closed: Open

Trial ends: May 2020


University of Cambridge

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Dr Harry Bulstrode :
The Old Schools
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