Brain tumour clinical trial title

BT-LIFE – Brain Tumours, Lifestyle Interventions, and Fatigue Evaluations (Study ID: 38936)

Brain tumour type

Schwannoma,  Pituitary,  Brain metastases,  Neuroblastoma,  oligoastrocytoma,  Ependymoma,  Meningioma,  Medulloblastoma,  Glioma,  Glioblastoma,  Astrocytoma,  Anaplastic oligodendroglioma,  Anaplastic glioma,  Anaplastic astrocytoma, 



'BT-LIFE' stands for “Brain Tumours, Lifestyle Interventions, and Fatigue Evaluation." We aim to see if it is feasible to treat fatigue without using drugs, in people who have (or have had) a brain tumour. We are testing two non-drug treatments. The first treatment involves improving lifestyle factors with an intervention called “Health Coaching”. The second treatment involves interviews with a trained life coach, called “Patient Activation”. These new approaches have a lot of potential to change how we manage fatigue in clinic, if they are feasible to deliver. To answer the question of feasibility we will conduct a feasibility randomised controlled trial in three UK neurooncology centres. A total of 60 participants will be randomised to control (information leaflet), Health Coaching, or Health Coaching + Patient Activation arms. We will monitor recruitment and retention, administer questionnaires, and develop systems that we may use in a future, definitive trial.

Date added: 12th January 2019

Open/Closed: Open

Trial ends: August 2019


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Ms Michelle Welsh :
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