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Our aim is to help everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour access the help they need to get back on top of things. Get to know us, and find out about our unique brain tumour support.

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An easy to use database of brain tumour support services, and brain tumour clinical trials. Find out what is available to you, on your doorstep and beyond.
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the brain tumour hub

"Benign tumours" discussed on Jeremy Vine Show.

"Is there such a thing as a benign tumour?" A salient question, raised on BBC R2 today. And our response, based on years of working with the brain tumour community? Helen Bulbeck from brainstrust says...

"No brain tumour can be benign. We know the impact is devastating. Whilst the clinical community use the words ‘benign’ and 'malignant' to understand the pathology of the disease and plan treatment, for the 55,000 people living with the disease, and their carers, benign or not, the disease is debilitating. Brain tumours impact on relationships, personality, speech and independence. All brain tumours are isolating, terrifying and confusing. All types of brain tumour can kill. And the day that all people are able to access good quality, effective help can't come soon enough"


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brainstrust launches The Brain Tumour Tissue Campaign today.


Save lives - be a brain tumour tissue donor

Brain tumour tissue is removed everyday by surgeons but very few people know they can donate brain tumour tissue to research. A new campaign launched today [Tuesday 24 February] at the University of Bristol led by leading medical researchers and charity, brainstrust seeks to raise awareness for patients and healthcare professionals about donating brain tumour tissue and helping researchers find a cure for this disease. 



Just one third of surgical patients offered opportunity to consent

A recent national survey by North Bristol NHS Trust, BRAIN UK and brainstrust indicated that only 30 per cent of...

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A milestone in brain tumour research: the UK’s first national networked brain tumour tissue bank.

A new collaboration announced today gives unprecedented access to over 400,000 brain tumour tissue samples for research.


This initiative, called the Brain Tumour Archive Network, will unlock thousands of previously hard to access brain tumour samples for researchers throughout the UK.

brain tumour tissue bank, slide showing cancerous cells
Helping the clinical community to access more brain tumours for more research

Creation of the network is being led by brainstrust and supported by a wider group of brain tumour charities including Charlie’s Challenge, Brain Tumour Research and umbrella group Sophie’s Wish. BRAIN UK, operating at the University of Southampton, will link existing archives of brain tumour tissue in a virtual network so that researchers can gain access to unprecedented levels of tissue to support their much needed research into better...

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