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Our aim is to help everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour access the help they need to get back on top of things. Get to know us, and find out about our unique brain tumour support.

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An easy to use database of brain tumour support services, and brain tumour clinical trials. Find out what is available to you, on your doorstep and beyond.
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New published review addresses the management of fatigue in adults with a primary brain tumour

We know from speaking with our community that fatigue is a huge issue when living with a brain tumour, and that it effects quality of life. 

Fatigue management was one of the top 10 priorities for clinical research that we pin pointed together, during our work with the James Lind Alliance.


In a new step towards addressing fatigue, our Director of Services and Policy Helen has been a key player in a new Cochrane Collaboration review published last week, entitled ‘Interventions for the management of fatigue in adults with a primary brain tumour.’


Although it’s still early days for this strand of clinical research, it’s a step in the right direction towards finding how we can help people experiencing fatigue manage their...

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