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  • Say hello to 'the brainstrust' - a new initiative to guide our brain tumour support service

    brainstrust brain tumour support - putting our heads together to beat brain cancerPutting our heads together in the battle against brain tumours: More than ever before, we are going to make sure brain tumour patient and carer experience sits at the very centre of what we do.

    Everything we do to help at brainstrust, from our brain boxes, the information on this site, to what we say on the phone is borne of personal experience gained through battling, and beating, brain cancer. As we grow, we're going to keep it this way by way of a new team of brainstrust volunteers, a very special group that is to be called 'the brainstrust'.


    There are two reasons for doing this.


    Firstly, we want to have the most useful armoury of brain tumour support services. The way we are going to to do this is to make sure that every programme of support on which we embark continues to harness the information and experiences collected by people that have ‘been there’, and have had relative success in their battle against brain cancer.


    Secondly, we want you to be confident that we use the funds that you’re working so hard to raise in the best and most effective way possible.


    'the brainstrust' is our way of making sure we do these two things. So on the 1st March, a team of 10 volunteers, all of whom have had direct experience of brain cancer are meeting in London to set out a plan of work for 'the brainstrust'.


    With this team of experienced, knowledgeable people putting their heads together, we can all be confident that every penny raised for brainstrust is spent as efficiently as possible, on resources that we know will be useful to people affected by brain cancer.



    brainstrust brain tumour support - the brainstrust photograph


    'the brainstrust' left to right, Andrew McEvoy - Consultant Neurosurgeon and brainstrust Patron, Adrian Heppenstall - brainstrust patient, David - James's carer, Lady Jane Pickard - carer and fundraiser, Willie Stewart - Consultant Neuropathologist, Meg Jones - brainstrust trustee and icon, Hannah Richardson - carer, Will Jones brainstrust development manager, Helen Bulbeck - brainstrust Director and Jacqui Cown - brainstrust fundraiser.


    To find out more about 'the brainstrust', or to find out about getting involved then give us a call on 01983 292405.





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    Category: Charity News | Published: 28 February 2011

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