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  • Poetry by Sweetie Pie

    Sarah Andrews (Sweetie Pie), a brain cancer patient has been writing some moving insights into what it’s like to live with a brain tumour. The below poem is a testament to the community we have at brainstrust and how supporting each other can really make a difference.


    We'll be sharing more of Sarah's poems, which address all aspects of life as a brain tumour patient, in the future.

    To post or not

    The first time


    There she sits,
    Finger hovering
    “to post or not to post”
    A comment she feels is right,
    But exposes “her”.


    What will the others say?
    Will they “get” what she feels?
    What she means?


    Frightened, vulnerable and feeling so alone.
    Struggling and not really knowing where to turn.


    It's done!!!!
    And for once she leaves it there
    Unlike so many times before.


    Slowly a smile creeps across her face
    As messages of support and understanding
    Come flooding in


    “Been there”
    “ Oh my, YES, that's so true”
    “We are here for you”



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    Category: Brain News | Published: 27 January 2015
  • Matthew Lee has raised over £4000 at a charity fundraising ball in support of brainstrust

    The charity ball night was hosted in order to raise money for brainstrust and secure Matthew a place in the London Marathon.

    Matthew had always wanted to run the marathon, especially for a charity that means so much for him. In 2010, Matthew’s dad sadly passed away after being diagnosed with a grade 4 blastoma brain tumour, which turned Matthew’s world upside down.

    After seeking and finding support from brainstrust, Matthew knew he wanted to give something back.

    “Without brainstrust I don't think I would have coped or gained the necessary direction to pursue alternative avenues to increase the chances of survival/life expectancy. They gave me support, knowledge, and treat me with compassion and respect. Nothing was too much trouble. This charity will always be in my debt for the rest of my life and is close to heart


    Matthew, alongside a friend, decided to make 2015 the year he ran the London Marathon, but with no places available in the Ballot box, he contacted brainstrust, asking if we had a place. One place was indeed available, but would go to the highest bidder who could raise the most money. 


    So, with Matthew’s previous fund raising grand total amount for brainstrust...

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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 23 January 2015
  • Brain tumour patients and carers in and around Sheffield first to benefit from new directory

    We know how lost you can feel when you or your loved one is diagnosed with a brain tumour. But we also know how many invaluable support services you can find locally to help you at every step of your brain tumour journey.


    At brainstrust, we like to make access to support as easy as possible. Wouldn’t it be great if information on the best local services was available in one place? In a directory maybe?!


    Well, in Sheffield we've done just that and we're excited to launch our first regional edition of the little white book, covering the city and the surrounding area.


    It's an invaluable little guide that brings together information on useful local services that can help if you're affected by a brain tumour. It includes details on a range of services, including support groups, financial help, welfare advice and complimentary therapies - all available to brain cancer patients and their carers.


    The brain tumour community in and around The Steel City are lucky to be the...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 19 January 2015
  • Big help by little brainstrust: child-focused workshops this February

    Are you looking after a child (aged 8-17) with a brain tumour? Become stronger, feel more in control, and communicate better through little brainstrust’s workshops for families whose child has a brain tumour.

    Central London, Thursday 19th February, 1.30pm – 5pm.


    Expert led workshops are for:


    • Children and teenagers with a brain tumour (ages 8+)
    • Their siblings (ages 8+)
    • Their parents/carers


    Followed by the chance to make new friends and share your stories over tea and cake.


    Register Now

    A brain tumour diagnosis in a child is devastating. We know.


    Places are free but very limited – first come first served, with reserve list in place.


    Don’t miss out! Get in touch for more info and to register.

  / 01983 292405



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    Category: Charity News | Published: 14 January 2015
  • Cancer Drugs Fund and the Cancer Task Force: What do these mean if you have a brain tumour?

    Two news items doing the rounds this week. One is the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF); the other is the Cancer Task Force. Both are responding to an agenda which desperately needs clarification, a dose of common sense and a little less ego.


    What do these changes mean for you, our brain cancer community?

    Both are about securing the best outcomes for people with cancer. We all want this. The new Cancer Task Force is tasked with finding new ways of improving cancer services, identifying what needs to be done better in future by studying the kind of care patients get today. By this summer it will publish a five-year plan that aims to deliver:


    • Better prevention of cancer
    • Swifter cancer diagnosis
    • Better treatment, care and aftercare for all cancer patients.


    Also announced at the same time as the Task Force, is the “ACE Programme”, which Cancer Research UK is leading jointly with NHS England and Macmillan. This programme has identified more than 60 potential projects to address late diagnosis. These will be led locally by NHS teams and include:


    • Giving GPs direct access to diagnostic tests
    • Working with people at high risk of cancer to help spot the disease early
    • Creating bespoke clinics where unexplained...

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    Category: Campaign News | Published: 12 January 2015
  • New guide to help you if you are looking after someone with a brain tumour

    Tups from a brain tumour carer for carersWritten by a brain tumour carer, for carers, the tips in our new guide, 'Walking a mile in our shoes', cover some of the key things that we know people are often too afraid or too busy to ask of those around them, as well as a ton of stuff that you may not even have thought of. 


    These tips, written by Lucy, and as a result of her experiences caring for fiance Ryan, are an invaluable source of guidance and support, no matter where you are on your brain tumour journey.


    Brain tumour carers need support too. We know. 


    Click here to read the guide online, or call today on 01983 292405 to request a copy. You can also request a copy by email -



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    Category: Charity News | Published: 5 January 2015

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