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Resources to help children and famiies

We know that once diagnosed with a brain tumour, children feel scared, and their carers isolated. We also know, that the diagnosis can have a greater impact on the carer's life. You don't have to go through this alone.

Little things can help ease you through. Below are some resources that you might find helpful. All are free to brain tumour patients and their loved ones.

Little brain boxes

The brainstrust brain box - the ‘must have’ support toolkit for people with a new brain tumour diagnosis and their carers. We appreciate how difficult things can be once a little person you love is diagnosed with a brain tumour; the ‘4am moments', the travelling to and from appointments, the stream of questions that pop into your head, trying to remember the jobs of all the people that you'll meet on your journey, and knowing who to turn to and when. Juggling acts that you don’t need when you just want to focus your energy on making them feel better, and return to some normality. So to assist you, we’ve launched this unique invaluable aid to keeping on top of things.

The brainstrust tool-box shaped ‘brain box’ contains a number of essential things to support and provide information for brain tumour patients and their carers, including:

The above is the standard, but contents may sometimes change. Other literature and useful bits and pieces are often included as well. Please note that everything in the brain box can also be obtained separately if you like. Just let us know.

You are free to change your mind at any time. To change the way you receive news and information from brainstrust, please email or call us on 01983 292405. To read brainstrust's privacy policy, please click here

Meet Ups for children and their families

We know you have a really difficult job. Looking after a child with a brain tumour is like nothing else. We know how isolating it can feel, and tiresome it gets holding everything together for the family. These Meet Ups provide a fun opportunity for you to meet other children, parents and carers whose lives have been similarly touched by a brain tumour. You can offer mutual support, share experiences and ideas, in a relaxed, non-clinical environment.

“Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon. It's very rare to sit amongst other families who can relate to the challenges that we are facing with our children. We found it really beneficial … It helped him [eldest son] to feel included and involved which is sometimes very difficult when his brother has had and continues to have a lot of attention.” (Meet Up for families, 2013, London)

Online Support

Financial Support

To find out what support is available, you can use the financial support area of brainstrust’s brain tumour hub, here.

To help with the added costs you're facing, we are sometimes able to offer small grants to families.

If you want more information, you can call us 24/7 on 01983 292405, or email

Focused peer support

We know how alone and isolated you can feel when you have a brain tumour, or a loved one is diagnosed with one. Sometimes you just really want to talk to someone who truly understands. Someone who has experienced what you’re facing. Whether that’s a similar treatment, similar tumour or prognosis, experience of the same hospital; we can put you in touch so you can offer mutual support to one another.

Carer days

Following on from the first ever day for brain tumour carers in early 2013, future carer days will include paediatric focused workshops. “Fantastic day! Excellently organized, relevant and informed subjects and discussions. I have taken a lot away from today – thank you!” (Carer, Carer Day, February 2013)

Resources to reduce anxiety and to inform

Phone/email support

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the brainstrust support line offers brain tumour patients and carers support, information and pragmatic advice over the phone and by email.

Coaching for children and coaching workshops for parents and carers

“When we are no longer to able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves”
(Victor Frankl).

Elemental to our work is high performance coaching. This sets us apart. Our coaching relationship with you will enable you to face challenges, so that you learn how to develop resilience and utilise resources to their full potential in your battle against your or your loved one’s brain tumour.

We help children through coaching, and offer coaching workshops for their parents and carers. The workshops will to help you face your own challenges, and enable you to look after your little person better. For more information, email

We promise that your experience with us will be:

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