Little Brainstrust

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500 children a year are diagnosed with a brain tumour, and there are innumerable families living with the disease. Two thirds of children diagnosed are left with a disability. Families can find communication difficult, and awareness of brain tumours in children is low; this is despite the fact that brain tumours now kill more children than any other illness in the UK.

Facing a brain tumour as a family is terrifying. We know. little brainstrust is working hard to support families throughout the UK who are living with a brain tumour. But we can't carry on without your support. There are lots of ways you and your family can help, from taking on a once in a lifetime challenge – jumping out of an aeroplane, climbing the Three Peaks – to getting your local school to 'Wear Grey for a Day' on 1st October or inviting your friends round for a cuppa during our ‘Teafest’ week. Or perhaps you have your own idea? We'd love to hear about it. Visit our main fundraising hub to find out all of the ways you could help, and get in touch to get started.