Little Brainstrust

Why we're here

500 children a year are diagnosed with a brain tumour, and there are innumerable families living with the disease. Two thirds of children diagnosed are left with a disability. Families can find communication difficult, and awareness of brain tumours in children is low; this is despite the fact that brain tumours now kill more children than any other illness in the UK.

With help from Children with Cancer UK, we're working to help families with children who are battling a brain tumour, wherever they are in the UK.

Families facing a brain tumour diagnosis of a child feel scared, confused and alone. We know. That's why we're working to support families by:

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About brainstrust

Founded in 2006 brainstrust works across the UK to help people diagnosed with a brain tumour and those close to them.

The Charity’s coaching based relationship with brain tumour patients and carers enables these people to develop their own resilience and to use brain tumour support resources from all providers to their full potential.
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